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An easy one just to start things off!

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Show us your favourite pair of shoes, or perhaps your whole collection (if that's possible). Tell us where you got em, why you got em/why you love em.. just anything you want to tell us about your shoes :)

happy theme-ing!
ste pha nie

time to do a frankenstein

Hey dollies
I know this community is a rather dead, but I put my hand up to be a mod because I wanted it to see it come alive!
So! misspinkzombie and I have decided to hold themes and a contest for Glamour Fiend of the Month. Details are outlined later.

we will be giving out personalised accepted stamps.

So all currently accepted members, you have 2 weeks to submit a picture of yourself to be used as the personalised accepted stamp. Either reply to this post or make one yourself. Those who don't respond will be kicked out and will have to reapply again.
Also, we will have 7 auto accepts (cos I like the number 7) so tell all yer friends!

Themes and Glamour Fiend of the Month!

Monthly Themes: A theme will be presented every month. Currently there are no theme competitions or contests.

-Put all photos behind Lj cut.
-put "Themed Fiend" in subject line

Glamour Fiend of the month contest: every month, members select and submit a recent picture of themselves. This may be in a post solely for the competition, or one picture from a picture post. Each comment recieved counts as a vote.
Mod comments/votes count as 2.

-Put all photos behind lj cut
-Put "This month's Glamour Fiend?" in subject line.

-if you have posted your glamour fiend of the month picture as a separate post, you don't need an ljcut.
-if you have posted your glamour fiend of the month picture with a series of other photos, please clearly specify which one it is.

Votes are close to the end of each month.

That's just a rough sketch..

lets gogogo!!
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