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Hello I'm the new maintainer mod person. This is my application/introduction thing. Go ahead and rate me that's what I'm here for :)

1. Name: Stephanie
2. Age: 18
3. Location: Sydney australia
4. Music that you like (genres, bands, artists): I guess I have a wide taste in music, but not really because it's not like I love everything. My favourites are psychobilly, rockabilly, neorockabilly, big band, swing, street and oi punk, 50s rock n roll, things not sung in english and classical. antinowhere league, demented are go, benane metalik, dead kennedys, guana batz, polecats. Aqua, abba , slayer and nina hagen (other artists i like, but don't fit into my favourite genres)
5. Define your personal style without sounding like a poseur: haha. azn-billy.. no, lame... pseudo nostalgic.. as in even though I love vintage/retro style, I know I can never replicate it and so have my own crazy interpretation.
6. What is glamour: an attitude.
7. How are you creative: When it comes to style I can mix both modern (though nothing too "right about now") and vintage elements without fucking up.. properly kustom krafted, like a hot rod... but with clothes. Because all too often girls try but they end up looking like each other.
8. Your inspiration of the moment (picture, or description): not really inspiration. But my current obsession is gingham print... AGAIN. hahaha. But generally speaking, my inspiration is and has always been the slatternly wanton girls from pulp art and pulp fiction covers of the 50s and 60s. One can argue whether they are or aren't glamorous, but they sure are fiendish.
9. Post at least FOUR clear photos of your face:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

no actually go here

10. Post at least ONE body shot:
The only proper body shot i have is very very old. This isn't really a body shot.. but I will post one later.
Image hosted by
11. Whore us somewhere and post the link: go to my userinfo
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